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Susan Doerksen Castro
3 min readAug 2, 2022


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An open mind is like an open window, it let’s the fresh air in.
~ Mike Hernacki

There is a simple but powerful question you can ask yourself daily. It will change your day.

I’ve been asking it of myself for the last few weeks, sharing it with clients and today I’d like to share it with you.

It is very simple. This is it:

How will I fuel, or resource myself today?

I’ll share some of my observations from the practice, being transparent about the fact that I don’t ask myself this question every day. Yet even in only asking it a few times a week (and a couple of times when I was sick), I’m discovering that this simple question, when asked, and acted upon is incredibly powerful.

3 Reasons Why This Question is Powerful

1) Think input, before output

If your default is to wake thinking what you need to “do” today, you’re biased towards output.

When you think first how you’ll fuel or resource yourself, you give yourself a greater chance of success with your to do list.

2) It strengthens your sense of agency

The longer the day goes on, the more it can start to feel like it’s all happening “to” us. Notice if there comes a moment in your day when you’re overwhelmed by your own to-do list or feeling bombarded by external demands.

Asking yourself the question above supports a sense of agency, encouraging us to create the conditions we need to be successful IN our day. It reminds us we can adjust or change or add or take action!

Hint: When the overwhelm hits, ask yourself the question again. How can I resource or support myself in this overwhelm?

3) It creates ease

This question, at its heart acknowledges the context we’re in, and helps us create conditions that contribute to ease, or any other state we long for. It assumes that we’ve chosen what we want to be doing, and then teaches us how to proactively support ourselves in doing the work/ life we’re in.

These observations are just the start of what I’m noticing.

I encourage you to try the following practice and let me know your experience!

The Practice

1) With your notebook or journal nearby, ask yourself question: “How will I fuel or resource myself today?”

2) Write down any answers or ideas that you have.

Hint: The benefit of writing down your answers and ideas is that over time you have your own set of go to ideas.

3) Pick one you can take action on today.

An Example

Today, Monday, I write. My ideas are unclear and unformed. And I can see I’m feeling prone to over-thinking and procrastinating.

How will I resource or fuel myself today?

Walking. Today I need lots of short walks between my 50 minute work blocks. Movement helps my ideas flow, softens the harsh edges of my thinking patterns and invites my body into the process.

Keep it Simple

The power of this practice is its simplicity.

There are no right or wrong answers.

And your answers will change from one day to the next.

What if I don’t know what I need?

It’s okay to not know.

Asking yourself the question is what creates the curiosity.

Continue to ask it of yourself daily, and notice how it will open you up to ease.

Notice how it shifts you into curiosity, and away from self-judgement.

May this question support you with whatever you’re in today!

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