How To Strengthen Your Self Trust.

Is self trust the antidote to doubt?

Why does self trust matter to the entrepreneur?

Self trust is needed to dream up, start, stay in and bring things to completion. Whether you look at the macro scale of your whole vision or the micro scale of the day to day doing, there’s a certain amount of “staying in it all’’ that you need. This is where self trust is needed in spades; in the weeds of doing the work when doubt creeps in and suggests what you’re doing might not be possible, you’ll need to call on your self trust.

Is self trust the antidote to doubt?

Self trust is much more than a solution to mitigate doubt. Strengthening self trust does not rid us of doubt. What it will help us with is being with doubt. Doubt is part of the journey — it shows up in the uncertainty of trying something new. Doubt is what you experience when launching the new business after leaving the certainty of the one you were in and were successful. It’s unavoidable.

If you don’t trust yourself why should anyone else?

As you build your business, the first person you need to trust is yourself. Day in day out. In the big things and the little things, so there is ample opportunity to keep building trust with yourself.

What self trust isn’t.

Self trust is not about getting it perfect or right — it’s not about “nailing” the thing and getting perfect results. In moments where we’ve let ourselves down and we don’t finish or want to opt out, self trust is about learning to stay with the tricky terrain and be good to ourselves while on it.



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Susan Doerksen Castro

Entrepreneur & Integral Master Coach™ helping accomplished women redefine success so they can realize a new, more fulfilling agenda for their lives.