My Big Lesson When Redefining Success

Photo by Philippe D. on Unsplash

I was the Poster Girl of Success

To be honest — I didn’t feel that way, but I’d had enough feedback in my life to let me know I was showing up for life in an impressive way.

The Unraveling

Little by little, things started to unravel.

Three Months of Listening

I decided to take some time to reflect on what next, listening to nudges, journaling, reflecting, and imagining — a letter for another day — needless to say my company was “born” during that time: The Energy Oasis and by the end of the year I had resigned from my big role ready to launch a membership site for women struggling to have the energy they needed to a thriving life.

Then Came The Crash

About a year into running my business I became really disillusioned.

Enter The Lesson

I knew myself well enough to see I need support and signed up to work with an Integral Master Coach (IMC). Burnout and depression are never too far away for me.

Success = Hard Work + Determination.

This belief is akin to an internal operating system.

Habits and Practices Are Not Enough!

A new form of success won’t come from a new set of habits, or practices, nor from reading any book. It comes from our beliefs about how to create success.

The Lighthouse

My lesson was challenging, but it brought me crashing into the shore, right to feet of a lighthouse.



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Susan Doerksen Castro

Susan Doerksen Castro


Entrepreneur & Integral Master Coach™ helping accomplished women redefine success so they can realize a new, more fulfilling agenda for their lives.