Why I Don’t Promise to Banish Burnout (& What I Offer Instead)

Awareness offers choice

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Why I Don’t Promise to End Burnout

Why can’t burnout be eliminated?

What I Offer Instead

  • Discerning what matters / who matters most in a situation instead of defaulting to meeting another person’s needs;
  • Accessing support rather than taking the burden of responsibility squarely on our own shoulders;
  • Becoming conversant in the language of our needs and becoming skillful in getting these needs met;
  • Learning to value and incorporate rhythms of rest into our lives
  • Learning the art of adjusting our pace to meet the demands of the moment;
  • Incorporating stillness practices on behalf of nurturing our intuition and wisdom;
  • Moving out of having good/ bad emotions and understanding the information our emotions can offer us.
  • And more!

Why This Offering Matters

  1. Self awareness allows each one of us to discover how they are susceptible to burnout. For some the constant preoccupation with work with be a driver, for another, meeting the needs of everyone in their lives will drive them to burnout, for another, a low sense of their own needs will make it impossible for them to tend to what’s required. This awareness that you hold will help you assess your risks and how to manage them.
  2. Increased skills strengthens agency allowing you to shift sooner, quicker and more effectively. When you see a storm of exhaustion brewing, you can take new and different action inside a situation that in the past might of paralyzed or overwhelmed you.
  3. Improved ability to self resource. Remember we’re all met with different circumstances. It’s not “if” we’ll have them, it’s “when”. With this approach comes a generous dose of curiosity, compassion and courage allowing you to think into what you need or who’s help you require.

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Susan Doerksen Castro

Susan Doerksen Castro


Entrepreneur & Integral Master Coach™ helping accomplished women redefine success so they can realize a new, more fulfilling agenda for their lives.